Repair of garage doors

We provide garage and industrial garage repair services, automation for gates, parking barriers. We have been specializing in servicing gates since the company’s inception, ie for more than 20 years. The extensive experience and extensive warehouse of spare parts gained over the years contributes to very quick repairs of industrial sectional and fencing gates as well as garage doors for domestic use.

By signing a service contract, we undertake to maintain the continuity of gates work and instant availability of wearing spare parts, such as: rollers, ropes, springs, gate panels, etc. This will make our service even faster and your gate is always efficient.

We can fix mechanical and electronic defects. Our specialized service department specializes in the repair of gate electronics. We repair gate remote controls, photocells, signal lamps and complex industrial door panels. We service manual and automatic gates.

We have parts for the gates Came, Hormann, Krispol, Wiśniowski, Nice, Novoferm, Normstahl, and many more. Although the headquarters of our company is located in Krakow, we provide gate service throughout Poland.